Pre-Prep enjoy a busy day on the farm


Clayesmore Head of Pre-Prep, Mrs Charlotte Townsend, writes :

The Pre-Prep and Nursery visited Gore Farm near Sherborne on Thursday and had one of the most educational, enjoyable and energetic days out. We met with Stuart and Tessa Casely whose hospitality and interest in our children was incredible. Sitting on bales of straw in the barn, we started off with a short talk about farming and seasons. We then began to meet all of the farm animals, starting with the very friendly chicken called Lucy and some of her younger friends who we cuddled profusely and gave them names – Rosie and Edie. Walking around the farm we met the geese, ducks, and turkeys, quail, pheasants and partridges who were all very vocal.

Next stop was the super-friendly climbing goats. The children and staff took a bit of a shine to these handsome three who seemed to want lots of attention! We also met some adorable Aberdeen Angus calves who were only three weeks old and full of fun and curiosity, and desperate to play. Their older friends in the next door barns were equally playful but a bit more shy. The pigs named ‘Snap Crackle and Pop’ caused great amusement. They certainly liked to be mischievous, and at one point tipped a bucket of water on the feet of our children as we stood nearby, eliciting much hilarity.

The children then learned about how silage is made and how it is used. We visited the tractors and feeding rooms and listened to how all of the animals are cared for each day.

After lunch in the picnic area next to the birds and goats,  the children piled into the back of a tractor-trailer and we all went out to see the large crops of turf and corn. We walked through the fields while Stuart and Tessa told us about the crops we were looking at and the wildlife around us. We picked some maize cobs and peeled them and took them home with us all ready to use in arty activities and for display. 
We can’t thank Stuart and Tessa enough for giving us such a special day and can’t wait to return in the spring for more learning and fun.