Paper Actors on the Clayesmore Stage

Prep Head of English and Drama, Mrs Suzanne Chinnock, continues her blog on Year 5 working with Clayesmore’s Patron of Reading & Writing:

“On Tuesday, Gillian Cross was back to continue our exciting project with Year 5. This session was all about creating authentic characters. Gillian arrived complete with intricate strings of paper figures – templates for the children’s imaginations. She demonstrated how we might create characters by thinking about ‘desires’, ‘fears’ and ‘appearance’.

“Working collaboratively, the children created four characters. They then used mime, gesture, facial expression and voice to explore these characters dramatically, bringing them to life in the studio, and thinking about how they might react in different situations. We met Ben who wants a cricket bat, likes styling his hair with gel and is afraid of his Great Aunt Betty. We were also introduced to Danielle who wants to be famous and win a race but is frightened of sadness. Indeed, there was an array of fascinating and intriguing characters on display.

“Next, it was time to revisit the children’s chosen settings and ‘shrink’ these four characters to inhabit the settings. The children wrote sentences describing how their characters might react if they were suddenly tiny and vulnerable.”

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