Ode to spring before winter bites back

Our youngest Clayesmorians took a head start to spring (a little prematurely, as we learned a couple of days later when the blizzard arrived) and treated us to a lovely cavalcade of songs, mini-plays, piano pieces and poetry.

The concert started with the Pre-Prep joint song about ‘Spring Fever’, followed by Nursery and Reception children singing ‘Spring in My Toes’. There were two little plays; first about a rabbit that couldn’t stop rhyming by Year 1 and Reception children, and Year 2 pupils acted a funny frog scene from Roald Dahl’s story The Twits.

The After School Dance Club’s own choreography to ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ got everyone energised, and the Smarties Percussion Group pumped up the volume even more with their rap ‘Give it All You’ve Got’. The programme was interspersed with piano solos by six Year 2 pupils, and the finale of the whole concert was a raucous rendition of ‘Spring Chicken’, a joint performance by all Pre-Prep and Nursery children, which has become a Clayesmore Spring Term tradition.

It didn’t matter that snow flakes started to dance in the air, as this concert will surely carry us all the way to the Easter holidays.