OC’s poetry features in D-Day Commemorations

James Gill

We are delighted to announce that Old Clayesmorian, James Gill, had his poem ‘Remember’ read aloud in the D-Day Commemorations in France last night. The poem was used in the evening international ceremony hosted by the French Prime Minister at Juno Beach.

James wrote the poem as a thirteen year old student at Clayesmore and credits the teaching he received here. He said: “All thanks go to Mrs Barbara Barnes, my history teacher at the time, who was so supportive of my work.”

You can find out more information about James and his poetry here. 


How silent are the beaches?
How peaceful is the scene?
Give now a little thought,
To what this place has seen.
Can you see the sacrifice?
Can you see those desperate days
That brought us all to death’s dark valley,
Where brave men dared to stray?
They waded through the water,
They dashed across the sand.
They chased death up the beaches,
And gave freedom to that land.
And every now and then,
Remember what they gave.
Remember how they lived and died.
And cherish what they saved.

James Gill
June 2004