OCs hit St James’ Palace for DofE Gold!

Last week, a group of Old Clayesmorians attended their Gold Duke of Edinburgh presentations at St James’s Palace: Georgia Darke (Wolverton, 2019), James McDouall (Devine, 2019), Alex Keeley (Wolverton, 2019), Harvey Thring (Gate, 2019), Sam Clarke (Gate, 2019), James Miles (Manor, 2018), Hannah Matthews (King’s, 2018), Alex McKeown (Wolverton, 2018) and Alice Foster (King’s, 2018). 

Clare McDouall, mother of James, was among those who went along, told us:

“The Earl of Wessex came round and spoke to all the groups: he was super, full of fun and very interested in the young people receiving their awards. Our room was hosted by celebrity, Nicky Clarke, hair stylist and media personality, who spoke about the start of his career and gave inspiration to all those present. It really was a most memorable and happy occasion: a real celebration of  the great achievements they had all attained.”
And then, to Mr Reach, our Head of DofE, she added:
“Thank you very much, Jamie, for making it all happen for them and for giving them the opportunity to push themselves in ways they didn’t imagine possible. We all really appreciate all the work you put into the DofE programme, so thank you very much.”