OC Inspires

It was wonderful to welcome OC, Will Niven, founder and Managing Director of creative digital agency UNBXD, back to Clayesmore to spend the day with our Year 12 Business students.

Will set the students the challenge of developing a marketing plan for a company which retrofits classic cars with fully electric engines.  They were provided with the client’s actual brief which they then had to use to create a creative response which included considering the market, competitors and the brand. 

The students were put into groups where they were required to brainstorm potential avenues for a digital marketing campaign. Students were required to consider the target market and how best to reach them online. They were then asked to present their ideas to Will at the end of the day.  The winning team will now have their ideas pitched to the client by Will’s team. 

“I was absolutely blown away with the range of ideas and concepts that the students at Clayesmore developed” said Will.  “They showed a maturity and understanding of marketing concepts and general business which is a real credit to their teachers and their enthusiasm for the task.”  Congratulations to the winning team, Eve, Ben, James, George and Henry.

Thank you, Will, for giving your time so generously and inspiring our students.