Now you see us… Now you don’t – Caught on Camera

Right at the end of last term, Year 5 were hard at work rehearsing and polishing the scripts they had written with our Patron of Reading & Writing, Gillian Cross. Finally it was time to get down to the task of recording these ready to send to Gillian. The Year 5 pupils excelled themselves during filming, showing enormous commitment and energy. The short films were sent securely to Gillian and her feedback on them is below. 

The images below are links, where you can watch the videos.

“I’ve just watched all your ‘Now You See M,e Now You Don’t’ videos and I thought they were great. You seem to have thought of lots of different ways to act out the shrinking. I particularly like the one that starts ‘Hey Guys, what’s this do?’, and the one that begins with a song – but they all work very well.

“So do all the different dangers that you imagined and your different and inventive ways of dealing with them. I thought that using the mirror to dazzle the spider was very clever – and of course the way to fight a woodlouse is by flipping it on to its back! All of you really got to grips with the problems of being very small. I hope you enjoyed imagining that as much as I did when I wrote my book.

“I also enjoyed your different approaches to the story. Some of the videos are funny (would you REALLY die without your phone?) and others are dramatic (great ‘What’s THAT?’ when you saw the waterfall). They were all a delight to watch. I never knew what was coming next! And the one that reacts to the shrinking with: ‘Was it you? You? Or YOU?’ (pointing at the audience) showed a real sense of theatre.

“Thank you for putting so much thought and energy into this project. It was a real pleasure to work with you.”


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