Now you see us… Now you don’t! Part Two

Mrs Chinnock continues her blog on Year 5 working with Clayesmore’s Patron of Reading & Writing, the author Gillian Cross:

For a divine aspect, look no further than Clayesmore’s campus: mature trees, the majestic rise of Hambledon Hill, the gracious facade of the Main House . . . what could be more breath-taking? You’re enjoying the view when, suddenly, in a single thud of a solitary heartbeat, you’re a quarter of an inch high and this campus is transformed into another world altogether . . .  Let us take you there.

On Tuesday, Gillian Cross was back for part two of ‘Now you see us; Now you don’t’, and it was time for members of Year 5 to shrink again! Gillian began with a sensory experience, asking the children to handle sprigs of rosemary, and think about texture, smell and others sense.

Next, working collaboratively in small groups, Year 5 ventured out of doors to choose a location, using all their sense to reimagine this spot from the perspective of a tiny person. Having conducted their research, they returned indoors, creativity at the ready, and began drafting their pieces. These are a work in progress but we are very proud of the results so far and we are sharing some below.

Can you guess where on the campus these places may be?

‘I was underneath something which looked like the Statue of Liberty. I couldn’t hear the rumbling of cars. I could only hear the thunder of drums in a distant, towering room.’
Hester, Serena & Edith




‘I opened my eyes and saw a completely different dimension. It looked like a massive purple forest with two trees holding it up. I could hear a huge group of elephants.’
Sam, Alex & Magnus




‘For some reason the plant in front of me grew into a mega jungle and I couldn’t see the top. I was scared. What would be lurking in the jungle? The pointy thin fibres were coming at me. The wind was a hurricane. I climbed the trees but slipped because of the water coming down in an avalanche.’
Edward, Pablo & Lewis

Gillian will be back next term for more shrinking adventures with Year 5.