No resting on laurels – Chamber Music Group through to Pro Corda semi finals


Our Chamber Music Ensemble from last year had barely recovered from giving their Champions’ concert at Leiston Abbey at the Pro Corda headquarters in Suffolk, when it was time for the 2018 Pro Corda Chamber Music Competition to start. We learned that the group has progressed to the semi final stage, which takes place after half term.

Three members of the successful group, all in Year 8, provided their thoughts and feelings from the qualifying round of this year’s competition at Godolphin School. (Edward and Louise were too busy with IAPS Hockey and Cross Country competition, respectively, to be able to write down their comments.)

“Pro Corda was a great experience. I was quite nervous before but it went well. Laura said: ‘You put a smile on my face every time you play.’ I thought this was very encouraging. We managed to get through to the semi finals and I hope we will get to the finals. We played in the U14 instead of the U12 this year.”

“The competition was fun but nerve-wracking! Our piece went really well and was fun to play. We changed our positions round a bit and changed the place where the piece slows down. It was a good experience and I got a lot out of it. Afterwards, we went to Pizza Express!”

“I was quite scared because I didn’t want our reputation to go downhill. When I started playing though, it was really good fun and I think we became more confident. Laura gave us some good tips; one was to get Hope into the party more! I can’t wait for the semi finals. I have really enjoyed playing with this group and look forward to our future together. Hopefully we will still be playing as Pro Corda champions in Year 9!”