Murderously good food on the ‘Orient Express’

Our Year 13 Hospitality BTEC students took on their biggest event yet recently, treating 16 members of staff to a 7-course taster menu. As the theme the students had chosen – The Orient Express – would suggest, this was a taster tour around the cuisines of Europe, as it was assessing their European study unit. 

Dishes were themed for stops along the admittedly slightly stretched Orient Express line, starting in London with Toad in the Hole; stopping in Paris for Shallot Tarte Tatin; followed by Spanish tapas; Italian Calzone with meat or vegetable filling; and Spanakopita, a Greek savoury pastry, with Tzatziki; before nipping into Vienna for some Sachertorte for pudding; and finishing with tea, coffee and profiteroles.

The evening wasn’t all food preparation and presentation, however, as entertainment was provided by three Year 12 Hospitality and Performing Arts students, who acted out a short scene based on the Murder on the Orient Express, with a Clayesmore twist…

Well done to the students for creating such a deliciously entertaining evening, as well as to the teachers of Hospitality & Food and The Cookery School, Mrs Kathryn Gallagher, Mrs Laura Downton and Miss Caroline Hiscock.