Mayfair drinks at Killik & Co

Last week, we held our first London drinks party since 2016 and it really went with a swing.

As before, we were fortunate enough to use the beautiful Mayfair offices of Old Clayesmorian, Paul Killik (1967), and we invited all London-based friends of the School to come.

Numerous OCs of all vintages turned up, as did current, former and future parents, and we all tucked into lots of wine and fizz and a spectacular array of canapés. In fact, some of us were enjoying ourselves so much we missed our train home and had to catch a later one…

Huge thanks to Paul for hosting us, to Alexandra Talbot for the delicious food and to all those who joined us for such a lovely, warming occasion: the perfect antidote to all these relentless autumnal downpours!

There is a gallery of photographs of the event here.