Lights, Camel, Action!

Our Pre-Prep transformed themselves into the Bethlehem Broadcasting Company, recording a special show to celebrate the occasion of Jesus’s birth in a Nativity story told in the style of Strictly Come Dancing. The contestants recalled the part they had played in the very first Christmas, before performing a dance routine and being marked on their efforts.

This show had it all: glitzy glamour and sparkly sequins, camels dancing with Wise Men, Morris-dancing shepherds and sheep, tango-ing innkeepers and a dazzling disco star, to name but a few of the acts involved.

As a pre-show treat we heard Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer played by the Pre-Prep live band on xylophones and bells, after which we welcomed our hosts for the afternoon, Alice, Nancy and Theo, and the judges of the show, Sophie the Donkey, Ellen the Innkeeper’s Wife, and Harry as the Roman everyone loved to hate, Caesar Augustus.

The first contestants were the townspeople of Nazareth, Apple, Isabella, Martha, Maddy and Wilf, performing a line dance, followed by innkeepers Molly, Delilah and Oliver doing the tango. Mary and Joseph, played by Savannah and Annabel, sang a duet, after which the audience were treated to a Morris-dance by the shepherds Gwen, Miller and Pip, and the sheep Amelie, Emily and Honey, performed with real rustic charm according to the Innkeepers’ Wife.

The Wise Men Ralph W, Ralph F and James joined the camels Charlie, Monty and Toby, for the Camel Funk, which the Donkey and the Innkeeper’s wife deemed as fun, fresh and funky. A host of heavenly angels dancing the ballet followed, but it was the shimmering Star of Bethlehem, Eliza-Grace, who bagged a perfect ten from all three judges.

This was certainly a toe-tapping Christmas celebration that will be hard to forget.