Life lessons in German

Pictured: the Clayesmore German Society re-groups for their first event of this academic year

Several Clayesmore Senior schoolers spent time in Germany over the summer holidays to improve their language skills. The fact that our pupils feel confident enough to live in a foreign country operating in another language is testament to Clayesmore’s expert language tuition.

Our Head of German, Mr Howard Smith, reports on his students’ adventures in language this summer:

Four pupils took the initiative and went to Germany this summer to improve their language skills. Upper Sixth students Theo F and Jack D spent some time doing work experience in a distribution centre and helping out at the ‘Waldfest’ in Munich, serving lemonade. Arthur C (Y12) and Harold S (Y10) both went to language schools in Germany. Arthur did a three-week course in Bamberg, which has really given him a head start with his German A-Level (having got an A* at GCSE) and Harold spent some time at a language school in Berlin.
From my point of view, it is great that German is so popular at Clayesmore and that pupils are choosing to seek out opportunities to study the language in the country or gain work experience in Germany. This will really help them to stand out in the job market and on their UCAS forms, but far more importantly it teaches them independence and how to deal with unfamiliar situations. This year there are ten pupils taking German in the Sixth Form and 48 pupils on the GCSE course. All students have the opportunity to take part in the German exchange once every two years.