The introduction of LEX is an important milestone in the history of Clayesmore, fundamentally reaffirming our founder’s commitment to a broad and bold vision of education. 125 years on, this vision remains as relevant today: recognising and embracing the need for strong academic foundations, underpinned by those attitudes, values and skills that we know will enable our students to live truly contented and fulfilling lives.

The broad range of experiences and courses on offer to all our pupils through the unique and innovative LEX programme will equip Clayesmorians with those essential tools to live their lives well, whilst also providing them with memories and skills that they will draw upon forever.

An ambitious programme of trips, events and experiences has been carefully designed to enable our young people to become confident and capable members of today’s global community; people who can seize opportunities and contribute to their world in a meaningful way.

I am proud to introduce LEX to you now: Clayesmore’s progressive and powerful re-envisioning of a thoroughly modern education.

Mrs Jo Thomson