A-Level Textiles – drawing inspiration from unlikely sources

Miss Maddie O’Mahoney from the Art Department reports on a recent drawing day:

“Students from both the Lower and Upper Sixth A-level Textiles took part in an experimental drawing day last week. Upper Sixth students spent the day developing work to be used for their exam projects. Grace spent the day creating Tracey Emin inspired line drawings of fast food still-lifes for her project titled ‘Recorded events’. Martha experimented with drawing materials and props positioned on a tailor’s dummy for her project focusing on 1980s sub-cultures.

Lower Sixth students took part in two workshops for their current ‘Tropical’ project. In the morning they experimented with pen and ink drawings from tropical plants which were then cut up to create small abstract pieces. The afternoon workshop was inspired by the recent Art and Textiles trip to the Robert Rauschenberg exhibition at the Tate Modern. Students used a variety of techniques and materials to create large scale pieces of 3D wallpaper taking inspiration from visual merchandising displays.”