Language learning at Clayesmore bucks national trend


Clayesmore’s Head of German, Howard Smith, explains why language-learning at Clayesmore is bucking the national trend of decline

The headlines recently painted a bleak picture for languages in the UK in schools. However, when the right attention is given to languages and they are given the right place in the curriculum and taught well, they can be popular and students can be successful. If you need any evidence of that, then look no further than Clayesmore.

Nationally 17% of those taking GCSE Maths are taking GCSE French. Here it is 29%. For German the figures are 6% nationally, but 17% at Clayesmore. Here 35% are taking Spanish (compared to 13% nationally).

In fact, nationally only 36% take a language at GCSE whereas currently 91% of our students are studying either French, German or Spanish or a combination of all three.

What does this mean for Clayesmorians? In one word: employability. It gives them the edge every time on University and Job applications and makes them into the global citizens that this nation is going to need. But of course, our students gain much more than that: by experiencing other cultures they become much broader in their outlook. Many have made life-long friends through our wide range of trips and exchanges. These are friendships which cross borders and break language barriers.