Jennifer and Jason make it to the second round of BBC’s 500 Words competition

Two of our Year 7 pupils, Jennifer and Jason, reached the second round of BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words competition, putting them in the top 5,000 among of many thousands of entries nationwide. Prep Head of English and Drama, Mrs Chinnock, describes their stories, thus: “Jenny’s story ‘Things’ looks at the experience of depression and other emotional states, personifying these as ‘Things’ which creep up and appear in our lives. Jason’s story ‘Guess Who?’ features giant hands and a super twist!” 

‘Guess Who?’ by Jason N

Two teams are competing: red and blue. Every so often, but with terrifying regularity, giant, claw-like hands take people from each team. They are never seen again.  Each time people are taken, they have something in common, maybe they’re wearing a watch or their eyes are a certain colour. At last, it’s down to two: one blue member, one red team member. As fearful luck would have it, these two are best friends . . . who will be taken and who will survive? There can only be one winner. 

Read Jason’s full story. 

‘Things’ by Jenny A

‘There are things in this world. Things you would never imagine possible. They creep around, hiding in the darkness. You can’t see them unless you have the gift.’

In Jenny’ story the narrator has this gift. A ‘Thing’ is following her, creeping up on her, some might say stalking her. Is there no escape? Anyone could be affected at any time. . . even you. 

Read Jenny’s full story.