Jemima’s off to the national dressage finals

Rising Clayesmore dressage star, Jemima, had a busy half term. Competing first at the British Dressage affiliated regional competition held at Bicton, she came second and has qualified for the national round of the competition which will be held in April. This means that Jemima, and her pony Buttons, have now reached national level in both unaffiliated and affiliated leagues. 

Following this it was off to an Under 21 training camp with her other ride, Nirvana. Another strong performance saw them placed second in the FEI advance medium category. Finally it was off to the national finals for the British Dressage team quest. This is an entirely team based event, and the only individuals awards were made to the first and second placed riders on day one. Jemima and Buttons won the novice heat and their prize was to be teamed up with a professional rider for the gala evening performance. Jemima had to help commentate after the professionals’ test. She spoke very eloquently about the challenges of riding a stallion and the quality of its medium strides. 

She’s returned to school this week for a bit of a rest in comparison to her half term antics!