Jemima and Diamond Buttons continue the charge at Inter-Schools One Day Event

Year 10 pupil Jemima represented Clayesmore in the thirtieth Inter-Schools One Day Event on Sunday at Stonar School. Riding her trusted horse Diamond Buttons, she won her age category and came second overall in the BE90 with a dressage show score of 77.5.

Jemima was really pleased to receive some difficult to achieve nines (equating to ‘Very Good’) in the dressage test and the following overall comment from the judge: “A very pleasing test very well ridden. Think you have a really nice feel with the horse.”
Although a schools event, it is worth mentioning that not only is Stonar an equestrian specialist school and so had many competent riders who knew the courses well, but many of the schools that attended are known for their equestrian centres, such as Millfield and St Marys Calne which had their own trainers helping with warm-up. Jemima and Diamond Buttons did not have this support, but they still had a lovely, if a long, day out.