Land of the Rising Sun comes to Clayesmore Prep

Clayesmore Year 5 experiencing the Japanese tea ceremony.    

The Prep School enjoyed a busy and colourful art week filled with an astonishing amount of activities all themed around Japan. Children from Pre-Prep to Year 6 were engaged in all things Japanese, whilst Year 7 were in Normandy putting their French into practice, and Year 8 in Cornwall coasteering and surfing.

The children learned about the ancient art of ikebana flower arranging and produced their own arrangements representing harmony between nature and humanity. In D&T they created miniature zen gardens, complete with the rakes for drawing patterns in the sand for meditative effect. They also got to try their hand at origami and making intricately decorated fans. 

Another activity requiring a steady hand and plenty of patience was the shodō calligraphy, which pupils were able to paint in the traditional Japanese pens and brushes to create beautiful characters. In pottery, Prep children made traditional dragon boats, some of them boasting elaborate details, and earlier in the Term Year 7 pupils had created Samurai helmets which were now on display. Meanwhile, the Pre-Prep children fashioned shimmering Koi carp fish from paper.

Year 5 children were treated to a serene tea ceremony led by Mrs Coombes and Mrs Carless. The kimonos and traditional utensils used in the ceremony were kindly provided by the Japanese Embassy in London.

Years 5 and 6 had a go at some Japanese playground games called kermari and coroda, whilst the Pre-Prep got a taste of martial arts with Sensei Owen from Stour Karate. The Pre-Prep children also travelled down to Poole to explore the wonderful Japanese garden at Compton Acres

To begin rounding off this exciting week, all children from Years 1–6 got to try taiko drumming on Friday morning, and the afternoon’s planting of a cherry tree was a fitting culmination to the Japan Week. Every spring when the cherry blossoms – sakura – appear on the tree, it will serve as a reminder of this extraordinary learning experience for many years to come.

Clayesmore Year 5 trying the ancient Japanese art of ikebana, flower arranging.Japanese miniature zen gardenDragon boats children created in Pottery during Japanese art weekPre-Prep paper fish Japanese art weekClayesmore Year 5 experiencing the Japanese tea ceremony.Year 2 pupils rolling sushi in the Japan weekYear 2 trying Japanese Taiko drumming
Clayesmore Year 5 trying the ancient Japanese art of ikebana, flower arranging.Clayesmore Prep pupils creating shodo - Japanese calligraphySamurai helmets created by Clayesmore's Year 7 pupilsLucky cats made in pottery by Clayesmore Year 5 pupilsYear 6 Japanese workshop at Russell Coates Museum in BournemouthClayesmore Pre-Prep listening to traditional Japanese storiesClayesmore Year 2 trying Taiko drumming as art of Japanese week.
Clayesmore Prep planting a cherry tree in commemoration of the Japanese week. Japanese display at Clayesmore Prep