Japanese immersion at Clayesmore Prep

Prep Head of Computing and Enrichment Coordinator, Mrs Sarah Hart writes:

Pre-prep and Years 3 – 5 pupils were given a cultural experience earlier this week, when our Japanese group put on an exciting performance of a well-known Japanese tale, Momotaro (Peach Boy). This was the culmination of a great deal of preparation this term by the pupils, learning their lines in Japanese, as well as singing a Japanese song.

Narrated by Ben J in Year 8, the play told the story of Momotaro’s quest to help his village by defeating the ogres on nearby Ogre Island. Year 5 pupil Billy was a courageous Momotaro, whose dramatic entrance out of a giant peach wowed his audience. The old man and woman were sympathetically played by Amelie (Y5) and Jenny (Y6) respectively and Momotaro’s trusted sidekicks – a dog, a pheasant and a monkey were played by Ellie (Y5), Matilda (Y5) and Tasmin (Y7). The play drew to its climax when Momotaro and his team attacked the wicked oni (ogres) suitably played by Mrs Rose and Mrs Hart.

A special thank you also goes to Eliza in Year 7 who choreographed the dances. The performers were keen to involve the audience in this drama, by encouraging them to join in with some of the repeated Japanese words. After the performance, the cast handed out Japanese snacks for the children to sample, altogether giving them an authentic, albeit small, taste of Japan.

Earlier this month our Japanese group enjoyed following a recipe to make sushi rolls using sushi rice, tuna, cucumber, carrots and pickled ginger. We all had lots of fun and most of the children thought they tasted ‘oishi’ (delicious)!