Jacob recounts a fantastic year of Cricket!


Jacob G shares his experience after being picked for Dorset County Cricket Club’s 1st Team…

Over this 2018-2019 winter, I took part in a cricket programme with Mr. Conway and Steve Wilson, coming off the back of my best season for county and all teams in general. However, I wanted to take my game to the next level and improve certain skills so I decided to participate in this cricket programme with my two coaches and we worked on my batting and bowling.

The programme started with Mr. Conway in late September and October with Steve and consisted of three sessions a week, one lunch time bowling session on a Monday with Mr. Conway, then an early morning session on a Tuesday; this usually consisted of using the bowling machine for an hour, working on technique specific parts of my game and if I was lucky enough Mr. Conway would have a bowl at me! 

Every Friday, the school gave me permission to train in Bournemouth with my coach Steve for an hour and a half session, again working on similar parts of my game like earlier in the week.

This Winter, I was also asked to be part of the Dorset 1stXI training squad and trained with them for all of the sessions. This was a great experience for me as it showed me a standard of cricket I have not played before, but with all the training I had been doing, I knew I was prepared. 

This year, I also decided to move cricket clubs and it came down to deciding between Bournemouth or Bashley. This was a tough decision as Mr. Conway is at Bournemouth and Steve is at Bashley! After months of thinking, I decided to join Bournemouth which has just been promoted into the Southern Premier League (which is the best league in the South!) I was told I would be in the 13 man 1st team squad and I would have to work my way up the 1st team. But after an injury, I got the call up for the 1st team and have played 7/8 Southern Premier League games this season. There is also an article in the Bournemouth Echo from the 1st team Captain which you can read here.  

On the 20th June, I received a message from the Dorset 1st team captain and coach, asking me to come with them to their three-day county championship game against Shropshire. On seeing this message, I sprinted over to the sports classroom to show to Mr. Conway and the school gave me permission to go up to Shropshire from Saturday night until Tuesday. This was a great experience for me to be part of minor counties cricket, even Lewis McManus was playing for Dorset and he is an old Clayesmorian! 

Closer to home, it is also worth noting that Jacob scored an impressive 100 runs for Dorset U17’s last week. Congratulations Jacob and best of luck for next year!