An incredible hockey tour to Barcelona

“Incredible!” That was the pupil verdict on our half term girls’ hockey tour to Barcelona.

The squad included representatives from three year groups, who took on local teams in four matches, alongside some coaching sessions (and a little, well-deserved, r’n’r on the beach).

Facing tough opposition, the team notched up a notable 4-3 victory against Egara HC B team playing on a water-based pitch. The girls also experienced the new 4 x 15 minute format with a national Canadian umpire, 7/8 minute rotations and extra balls placed outside the pitch to speed up play.

Tour organiser and school hockey coach, Mr Steve Smith, said how proud he was of all the participants for their team effort and grit even when they were “super-tired” and “playing with determination in a series of very competitive and physical games”.