‘i’, of Maths and Matrices

What do batteries, the world’s population, computer games, films, robots, Google, personal data, earthquakes and photography all have in common? This was the title of ‘i’’s first meeting of the academic year held last Friday.

The answer? They all use matrices! ‘i’ considered these applications as well as the Maths part of the dimensions of a matrix and addition, subtraction and multiplication of matrices. ‘i’ is the name of Clayesmore’s Maths Society, a group of pupils from Year 9-13 who meet at regular intervals throughout the term. Previous topics include 4 colour map theorem, Fermi-estimation, puzzle nights and maths magic. Last year a team of pupils won the Dorset Year 10 Maths Feast and the society will enter a team into the Senior Maths Challenge later this term.