Hockey with the Golden Girls of Great Britain

Year 7 pupil, Evie, enjoyed a fantastic sporting opportunity recently when she had a coaching session with members of the gold-medal-winning GB Women’s Hockey Team.

Evie plays in goal at school, and also for Blandford and Sturminster Hockey Club U12 team, so she’s not short of enthusiasm. She was invited along to a training session with Olympians Kirsty Mackay and Sophie Bray at the end of August.

“She had a fantastic time,” said her mother, Nadine. “It was such an amazing opportunity. Kirsty was great and really put them through their paces. Evie and 6 other goalies were coached for nearly 2 hours and she’s brought back some great drills to do before matches, to warm up, as well as invaluable lessons in saving the ball.”

What with our new Head, Mrs Thomson, being such a fan, too, things are looking up for hockey here at Clayesmore.