GCSE Results 2020

Congratulating our Year 11s in late August has now become a regular ritual! This year’s results were as good as ever.

Our students taking Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Music, Physics and Further Mathematics did particularly well, with more than 50% of students gaining a 7 or higher. In English Language, 32% students gained an 8 or a 9. But in all subjects there were many triumphs.

Some individuals did spectacularly well: Caroline S gained a 9 in all her subjects, and Ben H, Tim H, Ben JP and Joshua S all averaged higher than an 8. These are exceptional results in any year and particularly this year.

As always on results day we are mindful of those who have not hit the headlines but who nevertheless worked consistently and achieved the good grades they did.

In spite of the strangeness of lockdown this group of Year 11s engaged, readily and impressively, in our online sixth form taster courses from April to June.

We wish our leavers well, and we look forward to seeing everyone else back in a few weeks time as they embark on the next stage of school life.