We’re all fired up about greener energy supply

Following several months of extensive engineering which has reached all around the site, the school’s new biomass heating system is now up and running. Some 1.8km of pipework has been laid around the school grounds, linking buildings to the ‘Dorset Barn’ building adjacent to the astroturf which houses two wood-chip fired boilers each of which produce a massive 500kw of heat (a typical domestic boiler would produce on average 25-35kw). The installation of the system has allowed for the removal of 42 individual boilers, and over 30 storage heaters and the system operates by pumping 50,000 litres of water heated to 80°C around the pipe circuit. This has been a mammoth task and the culmination of 18 months of planning and implementation and we are proud to have an efficient, green and future-proofed system which should meet our hot water and heating needs for many years to come.