“Fair is foul, and foul is fair” in Clayesmore’s production of Macbeth

Clayesmore’s Director of Drama, Mr Tom Wansey writes:

“It has been a very busy term in the Theatre. After the success of the two productions before Half Term – ‘Five Go Mad in Dorset’ and ‘167’ – the cast and crew of ‘Macbeth’ knew they had lots to live up to. The student design team worked tirelessly in the lead-up to the performances, creating a bold, monochromatic set made up of ‘concrete’ blocks and tiles. This cold, totalitarian aesthetic was emphasized further by the lighting, sound, make-up and costume teams. With the design in place, and only a week to go, the three-day intensive rehearsals started! The hours of work that the whole company invested was entirely worth it. As well as being a slick and entertaining production it was also clear how effective it was in making Shakespeare relevant to all those involved – many of whom are studying ‘Macbeth’ for their English GCSE. The three witches were spine-chillingly scary and Ben W (Y10) played the eponymous role with real finesse. The whole company, however, should be very proud of their achievement.”

Next term, as well as two student-directed plays, there will also be a main school production of ‘Trojan Barbie’. Tickets will be available soon.