Exploring the writing process with two authors

Last Thursday, our Patron of Reading and Writing, Gillian Cross, led a specialist extension workshop with four of our most able Year 6 writers: Jenny, Benjamin C, Charles R and Thomas C. Re-drafting, one of the most difficult disciplines in English, was the focus. Working closely with Gillian and engaging in focussed discussion, the pupils studied a page from one of Gillian’s books which she chose not to include in the final draft. They thought about what might be changed and how it might be improved and considered why Gillian chose not to include this particular section of text. Gillian commented on the maturity of the pupils and the insight they showed, as well as the creativity displayed.

Continuing on the literary theme, on Saturday a group of very excited Prep pupils headed off to Hanford School to attend a talk by the author Philip Reeve, famous for his quartet of books titled Mortal Engines depicting a futuristic version of London, which is now a giant machine trying to survive on a world running out of resources. Philip told us a little about his childhood and how he had started as an illustrator before trying his luck with the first book in the Mortal Engines series, which had taken ten years to write. He later teamed up with Sarah McIntyre to write and illustrate books for younger pupils. Philip took lots of questions from the audience, and really took the time to give full and considered answers. Stimulated the wonderful drawings especially drawn by Philip in their signed books, the pupils all had a wonderful time and came back desperate to get reading.