An energising lecture on nanotechnology and spintronics

Mr Steve Smith, Head of Physics, writes:

Thirty of our Year 11 and 12 physicists recently had a short lecture on Electronic Engineering from Dr Wenqing Liu of Royal Holloway University. Dr Liu got her first degree in Physics from Nanjing University and she completed a PhD at the University of York. She is also an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council research associate at University of Cambridge and a visiting scholar of Hong Kong University.

Dr Liu’s talk to Clayesmore physicists focused on the two key aspects of modern electronics study: nanotechnology and spintronics (the manipulation of electron spins as a storage system at an even smaller scale than nanotechnology!) and how they fit into the workings of modern electronic devices. In only 45 minutes Doctor Liu also covered the history of electronic engineering storage devices and how data is coded. All in