End of Term Information for Parents of Students in Year 9


In addition to the main school events, you are very welcome to attend the performances that emerge from the “Play in 3 Days”. These take place on Wednesday in the Theatre at 5pm and end in time for you to attend Hampers and Champers if you wish to do so.

Before the plays, from 4.30pm, you are welcome to have a look at the exhibition of students’ ideas related to their play – these are in the marquee on the South Lawn – near the fountain.


On Thursday day pupils are welcome to stay at school for House Arrangements with the boarders. This starts at 6.45am and ends at 9pm and is a great Clayesmorian mixture of BBQ and bouncy castles.

However, many day pupils go home at the usual time on Thursday and this is absolutely fine of course.


On Friday, Speech Day, prize-winners must be at school by 9am and choristers by 10am.

Boarders will already be at school on Friday morning but day pupils not yet in school should arrive by 1.45pm in time for the speeches.

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