End of Term Information for Parents of Students in Year 13

We are very keen that the term ends as well as possible for all our Year 13 Leavers and that we create a great sense of occasion around the final events.

In addition to the events listed at the start of this document, please note the following specific details….


ALL Year 13 boarders must attend House Line at 4.30pm on Thursday afternoon and then remain on the school site.

Year 13 day students attending House Arrangements must attend the 4.30 Line in House and then remain on site.

All Year 13 students expecting to attend the Ball MUST attend the meeting at 4.45pm in the Chapel. It has been clearly explained to the students that anyone who misses this meeting, without prior arrangement, may not be permitted to attend the Ball.


After House Arrangements Year 13s return to the boarding house to spend some time together with their House Staff.

Thursday evening always works best if it is innocently enjoyed: please understand that if any student returns with alcohol or visibly having had alcohol at home or elsewhere during the afternoon you will need to come to collect them and the normal disciplinary sanctions will apply. Regrettably but inevitably at this stage of term this will include not being permitted to attend the Ball on Friday, and perhaps not attending Speech Day either.


See above. The Head has written separately to parents of students attending the Ball.


A Level results will be emailed to students at their @clayesmore.com email address at about 6.15am on Thursday 16 August.

At about the same time students holding UCAS offers should check the UCAS website where they will almost certainly be able to find out whether or not they have gained the place they were hoping for. We do not have access to this information so we need the student to get hold of it.

On 16 August, all students are welcome to visit the school from 8am where they can collect the paperwork associated with results and a team of staff will be on hand to help with university advice and guidance for anyone who has done better or worse than expected.

You are very welcome to come in at that time too – to celebrate, or weep, over the croissants! A number of key staff will be around to help throughout the rest of the holidays as required.

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