Drum Kit Day was a big hit!

Our Percussion and Drums teacher, Mr Shaun Rigby, writes:

On Sunday 24 September, 12 students from Clayesmore Prep attended the inaugural Wells Cathedral School Drum Kit Day. The day was led by Wells Cathedral School Drum Kit teachers Andy Tween and Jon Whitfield, who were lucky enough to be joined by electric guitarist Jerry Crozier-Cole and bass guitarist Jeff Spencer. The day focussed on various styles and genres of drumming including rock, Motown, blues, jazz, disco and reggae. There were also sessions on technical aspects including bass drum technique and rudiments. With over 40 attendees it was destined to be a loud affair!
During the afternoon session, Clayesmore Prep students were specially selected to take part in a masterclass in which Andy and Jon, who would offer tips and advice on the music they are preparing for upcoming grade exams. They all did a fantastic job, especially when Andy took their music away and got them to play it from memory.
The tutors led a fun and inspiring day, culminating in a mammoth concert in which every student played along with the band (luckily not all at the same time).  Ned C in Y4 was “really impressed” by Andy and Jon’s drumming abilities. James G in Y7 was inspired by the amount of different drumming styles covered and how he was able to still perform his grade 2 piece without looking at the music.
The students who attended were Ned C (Y4), Misha L (Y5), Lucas M (Y6), Fabian A, James G, Ollie S, Reece W, Holly W from Year 7, and Ollie F-P, Ollie L, Edward R and Tilly T from Year 8.
A big thank you to all those that attended and a special thanks to Mr Walker, guitar teacher extraordinaire, who assisted with driving the minibus on the day.