Discussion and diplomacy: Clayesmore’s Prep MUN

Year 11 pupil, Tabitha recounts a great afternoon of debate and dialogue:

“The 7th of March saw Clayesmore welcome teams of Year 7 pupils to its second annual PrepMUN conference. Visiting delegations from Poole Grammar, West Hill Park, Sunninghill, Hanford, Knighton House, Durlston Court, and both Clayesmore Prep and Senior School, represented twelve different countries. The topics of debate were human trafficking, xenophobia, and alternative energy sources, which we felt were important and pressing topics, even if it was difficult to research human trafficking.

The event began at 2pm with a great opening speech from Hannah P (Year 12), one of our Secretary Generals, which was then followed by a talk from Georgie W (Year 13), who talked about her experiences in MUN and how she got to go to the inauguration of Donald Trump. After that, everyone went to their committee rooms to debate their topics. During the break, the Year 7s wrote a solution to a ‘developing issue’ which included an oil spill in Nigeria, a human trafficking ring being uncovered between Mexico and the USA, and xenophobic riots starting up in Europe.

I wish to congratulate everyone that participated, especially the best delegation, Israel (from West Hill Park). It was absolutely amazing, to say the least, everyone was so confident, and everyone spoke. The level of debate was better than some external conferences I’ve been to! Overall, it was a great day and I can’t wait for next year.”