Diplomacy, debates and the Devine triumph at the House MUN finale

Another successful year of Clayesmore Model United Nations (or “ClayesMUN”) culminated on the penultimate Friday of term, when it was the turn of the House MUN. It is a highly valuable exercise allowing students to sharpen their skills on research, negotiation and public speaking. It also offers them valuable insights through role-play and the ambassadorial nature of representing other nations, to gain a deeper understanding of the views and sentiments of others.

The UN was full again for the opening ceremony, with everyone listening to the keynote speech perhaps even more keenly than before, as it was by Miss Ellie Cummings reflecting on ClayesMUN over the past five years at the helm, and recounting her own first-hand experiences through the Middle East whilst completing her Masters in International Relations. The delegates then split into their committees on the Environment, Human Rights, Politics, the Middle East, as well as the Security Council, to debate issues ranging from marine pollution to rogue states. 

Throughout the day, the media team (made up mostly of Y9s, Will J, Louise, Jacob, Samuel, Georgia and Haydon, with fortifications from Y10s Zoe and Rory, Masha in Y11, and Edward D and Christian P in the Lower Sixth) was working tirelessly behind cameras and computer screens, and in front of microphones, to report on the proceedings in the committee rooms. They also diplomatically handled the thorny interview with a French ‘Front National’ activist, convincingly played by Mr Toby Yarwood. 

When the General Assembly convened at the end of the day, for the committees to present their resolutions, the best delegation was announced to be Russia, represented by Devine boys Theo (Y13), Jack (Y10) and Ayush, Dominic and Sebastian (Y9). Devine was therefore also the winner of this year’s House MUN.

We also took this opportunity to bid farewell to Miss Ellie Cummings, who leaves us for the tranquil neutrality of Switzerland after having developed Clayesmore’s Model United Nations so expertly for five years. She passed the ClayesMUN baton into the very capable hands of Mr Matthew Jones, so we are confident that the international community of Clayesmore, and Model United Nations, will continue to go from strength to strength.