Dinner at No.13 – murder on the menu in play première

Drama, Clayesmore, Murder at No.13

It’s time for Julian Fellowes and Agatha Christie to step aside, there’s a new period murder mystery writer on the block, and she’s a Year 10 student at Clayesmore. 

The Drawing and de Selincourt Rooms were transformed for the event, echoing back to their heyday as a fine country house for the Ismay family in the 1920s before the school bought the Iwerne Estate. The cast mingled with the audience over drinks and canapés (provided by the Friends of Clayesmore), before dinner was served and the plot unfolded. Written and directed by Year 10 pupil, Lucy, it quickly transpired that anyone of the guests at the dinner party, and indeed the host himself, had the motive to poison the tragic Liana Maddison. Enter the Inspector, whose job it was to uncover the identity of the murderer. Under pressure, each character revealed the secrets and lies of their past, before the murderer was finally revealed. 

It was a wonderful event with, as we have come to expect, strong performances from all involved. Moreover, it was Clayesmore’s quickest ever production to sell out – all 60 tickets were booked within two hours. Congratulations to Lucy, and her cast and crew on a wonderful piece of theatre. 

   Drama Clayesmore No13 Clayesmore, Drama, Dinner No13   Clayesmore, Drama, Dinner No13 Drama, Clayesmore, Dinner No.13    Drama, Clayesmore, Dinner at No.13