Digital microscopy with a little help from the Friends of Clayesmore

Digital Microscope

The Friends of Clayesmore recently purchased the Biology department a digital microscope, a teaching aid used from Year 9 to Year 12 which enhances pupils’ understanding of the subject. It has already had a lot of use, and Biology teacher Mrs Willoughby writes: 

“Just this week;

Year 9 have been looking at their own cells, specifically epithelial cells from inside their mouths to discover the typical structures of animal cells.

Year 10 have been comparing several types of specialised eukaryotic cells to the conclude the common features used to classify multi-cellular organisms and how they differentiate in structure to suit their role.

Year 11 used it today to visualise the internal structures including the beating hearts of Daphnia Magna (water fleas) so to investigate their reactions to caffeine and alcohol using heart rate to model the physiological affects stimulants and depressants. (Pictured)

Earlier this week, Year 12 were looking at the impact of solute concentration on the turgidity of rhurbarb cells by visualising changes in the vacuole and tonoplast.

Thanks to the Friends of Clayesmore for their generous gift of this excellent digital microscope.”