Devine boys get a new dedicated space

Downstairs in the Main House has had an extra buzz this first week of term, as the Devine boys have been flocking into their newly refurbished common room at break times.

Instead of separate smaller rooms for different purposes, everything now happens in the same, comfortable space. There are of course facilities for making toast and snacks, but also a table tennis table, sofas and a couple of big screens for some relaxation time, not to mention work desks along the length of one of the walls.

We spoke to some of the Devine boys during the morning break yesterday.

Living up to his new responsibilities as the Head of Devine House, Y13 student Luke extolled the virtues of the work space, as the boys no longer have to de-camp to the library for their quiet study. He also commented on how the mood has been lifted overall; the space simply looks brighter and lighter, and there’s so much more going on. The other boys agreed unanimously: “It’s amazing!”

Devine House matrons, Mrs Hughes and Mrs McKeown, see the benefits of all the year groups, as well as boarders and day boys, now mixing together. It’s somewhere cosy and inspiring for the boys to work and to meet up.