Daria’s 100 is up!

Congratulations to Daria (Year 13, W), who is this year’s first Centurion, completing 100 targets in her Clayesmore Century Club passport.

Launched in the Autumn of 2012 for pupils in years 10-13, the exciting scheme is designed to reward and develop students in the senior school. The incentive consists of 120 targets of which 100 must be completed to gain access to the Clayesmore Century Club. The targets are split into 10 categories including Sport, Arts and Academia and each category has 3 levels of target: passive, active and leadership. Passive involvement being audience level participation (e.g. watching a school play), active meaning getting involved (e.g. acting in a play) and finally leadership (e.g. directing a school play). Leadership targets are the most testing but perhaps the most rewarding for the individual and the school.

The purpose behind this innovative idea conceived by Director of Co-Curriculum, Jamie Reach, is for pupils to gain skills and exposure to experiences that will greatly enhance their individual development. A prize of £250 is offered for each student who manages to complete the century and other prizes are awarded through the length of the challenge to inspire everyone to keep going. Daria will be awarded her cheque for £250 on Speech Day, next year.

Speaking of the award, Daria said, “For me, the the Century Club provided a unique opportunity to take part in so many areas of Clayesmore life. From reading in chapel to setting up a new school society – the past three years have shaped me into a better Clayesmorian, student, and better leader. This experience really goes to show just how much we can achieve, if we take it one step (target) at a time.”