Year One’s Commotion in the Ocean

Year One have had a busy start to the school year. Their teacher, Mrs Townsend, tells us more:

“Year One learned about all things under the sea for the first half of the Autumn term. We started by looking at ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and each of us chose a sea creature to investigate over the coming weeks. The children began by making their creature out of newspaper, card and tissue paper and oodles of glue and we were then able to display our finished works of art which included a dolphin, a whale, a starfish, an octopus, an angel fish, a jellyfish, a shark, a swordfish and finally a turtle. The children then found out information about their chosen creature using books and the internet. We were then able to have a go at classifying them later in the term once we had found out a little more about the features we were looking for to do so.

The next story the children looked at was Julia Donaldson’s ‘Sharing a Shell’. The children loved the rhyming patterns and amazingly sparkly illustrations and these inspired them to use some beautiful vocabulary to describe the characters in the book and have a go at writing some poetry of their own. In art, the children painted beautiful versions of the creatures and added plenty of glitter to create the sparkles which help make the book so magical. Next, carrying on with one of our favourite authors, we looked at ‘The Snail and the Whale’. The children loved following the journey of the big friendly whale. They particularly enjoyed acting out the parts of the snail and discovering what having an ‘itchy foot’ meant! We researched whales and found out all about Baleen and Toothed whales, and how our largest mammals are so special.

Our final book of the topic was ‘Mister Seahorse’ by Eric Carle. We learned so much about various fish in the sea and how they care for their eggs. We then went on to hunt for facts about seahorses which we shared in an assembly. We created seahorses to mimic Eric Carle’s fantastically colourful examples. During the topic, the children also learned names and locations of the seas around our country and the oceans around the world. We learned about fishing and they discovered what it means to fish in a sustainable way in order to look after our sea world and our environment in general. As part of our learning about the environment, we discussed recycling and waste. The children made ‘Rainbow fish’ out of recycled water bottles.

In PSHE the children have focussed on feelings and how we show these in our behaviour. The children looked at Rainbow Fish in particular and we discussed how the behaviours showed emotions being felt. The children enjoyed looking for examples of characters’ feelings in all the stories and were able to compare different feelings being displayed. They used role play to really investigate this further.”