Clayesmore’s Teaching Staff: Masters in the art of education

Our congratulations to Clayesmore Prep teacher Mrs Panton who graduated with a Masters degree in Education from the University of Bath early in December. Mrs Panton is the latest in a growing number of Clayesmore’s teaching staff who have post-graduate qualifications in Education and Child Development.

Central to our educational philosophy is a genuine interest in how children learn and develop. We believe a well-rounded education built on the cornerstones of a forward-looking curriculum, the arts, culture and sports, together with the personal interest taken in the development of each pupil in our care encourages the active thinking and learning skills (also known as our Habits of Mind) which cultivate positive character traits necessary for improving cognitive processes and abilities. As Head of Prep, Mr Will Dunlop writes in our prospectus, “Our ultimate aim with all this work is to develop lifelong learners who can embrace the uncertainty and open-handedness that accompanies the true spirit of enquiry. Armed with this resilience youngsters will be better equipped to go on and achieve their true potential as they grown through the Prep School and beyond.”