Clayesmore’s Lion Boy production a real triumph

We’re pleased to share a parent review of the last main theatre production of the year: 
“What a lovely evening!  Last week we were enthralled by the story of Charlie Ashanti (Billy) and his battle against the Corporacy (Ben and Louise) who have kidnapped his parents.
The play is an adaptation of the books Lion Boy, The Chase and the Truth by Zizou Corder.  It is set in the future and the Corporacy is a huge multinational pharmaceutical company. 
Charlie tells the story of his fight to free his parents aided by the cat family from the scruffy Sergei (Lucy) to the lions (Hayden etc).  It was a great performance suitable for all ages and each scenes was created by stools – you should have been there.  A very imaginative production by Tom Wansey and Toby Yarwood.
Charlie makes friends, joins the circus (beware the lion tamer Maccomo (Jacob) – he gets very angry!); gets sidetracked in Venice but helped by King Boris of Bulgaria (Magnus) crosses the sea in a hot air balloon and is given a multilingual chameleon (cant remember but she was good!) who can speak computer thankfully.  Even his arch enemy Rafi (Louise) helps him in the end.
What is so fabulous about the Clayesmore productions is the students involvement from end to end – not just the student cast but the technical side, sound etc (Oli), the makeup, the stage management, the door staff are organised and managed by the students.”
We couldn’t agree more, and are already looking forward to next term’s productions.