Clayesmore’s coding expert launches app

Year 11 pupil, David, has recently launched his own app, “Speedy Balls”, which has been getting rave reviews on the App Store, and received 130 downloads in 1 month in a number of countries: UK (104), US (13) Germany (4) Japan (5), China (3) and St Lucia (1). So far it has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, quite a feat, given that of the 2.1 million apps listed there most are created by big companies.  We caught up with him to find out more:

Q – How did you come up with the idea for Speedy Balls?

A – I started looking into making games and apps in the summer and spent the summer researching. This included looking into the daily downloaded top games. It took me from September to November to make the game.  


Q – Is this the first App you have made?

A – It is the first that I have made that has made it into the App Store, but I’m hoping it’s the first of many.


Q – Are you more of an artistic or coding/Math mind?

A – Until I can employ people, I have to be both! As well as the administrative side of things.


Q – How often do you release updates?

A – I release weekly updates, the most recent of which has been Christmas-themed, you can play with a Christmas pudding or Santa’s head.


Q – Have your friends tried it?

A – Yes and my family all play it. Most people in Manor House do, including Mr Burton and Mrs Willets.


Q – How has Clayesmore encouraged you?

A –  My Computer Science teacher, Mr Samoluk, has been very supportive. I’m keen to still do all my school work on time. For example, I did the all the updates on Sundays. But there’s definitely no time to get bored! I also use an online forum for particular problems with coding. Other coders offer help and most problems will have already been solved – it’s about knowing where to look.


Q – Do you have any future plans or new ideas?

A – I’ve got loads of ideas, the first of which is to develop a simulator game, a bit like ‘Clash of Clans’ but set in space. It would involve colonising planets. I’ve already listed the name for this, ‘Mars Colony.’ I’m also considering a Clayesmore-based game, involving different houses and year groups, and may also look at a more administrative type of app in the future. A healthcare system in China found me through my website, and I may end up developing an app for them in the future.

I’d love to go to the World Wide Developer Convention (WWDC) held by Apple in Cupertino, CA, as they support and advise up and coming app developers but unfortunately it is in the middle of my GCSE exams so I’ll have to content myself with watching videos from the Convention this time round.

David has registered his app development studio as a company, Jamal Entertainment Ltd ( and hopes to grow the company in the future, eventually employing his own staff. Commenting on his success, David said: “It has exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed making it. It’s really relaxing to code. And if you get the code right, it will work.” We look forward to his future app releases.