Clayesmore’s Cadets deploy for a day of adventurous training

Field Day

Contingent Commander,  Captain Emma Dorey, writes about Clayesmore’s Cadet Force Field Day: 

On Wednesday 13 March, 85 Clayesmore cadets headed down to the coast for a day’s Adventurous Training. There was a chilly wind but luckily all the activities were not water-based this year. The groups rotated through a series of four activities; abseiling, climbing, tunnelling and the giant swing, with many of the cadets pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. There were squeals of nervous delight as they were launched into the air on the giant swing, and excited screams as they had to track each other down in a game of man hunt in the muddy underground tunnels.

The day provided an excellent opportunity for the cadets to practise leadership and teamwork skills in a non school environment, as well as a chance to have a bit of fun! They returned to school muddy and tired but with a real sense of achievement.