Clayesmore U18 Indoor Hockey Team Qualifies for Regionals

Team Captain Finley (Y13) reports on the U18 Boys Indoor Hockey success:

“On 12 November, we travelled down to Canford to take part in an indoor hockey competition. We had a tough draw having to play both Bryanston and Canford, and to come in second in order to qualify for the Regional competition.

Our first match was against Bryanston and everything went right in this match; we exploited all their weaknesses and scored some great goals. By half-time we had a comfortable lead and were able to start trying out new tactics to prepare for the match to come against Canford. We finished the match with a comfortable win and having had the chance to try out new things.

The match against Canford didn’t go quite as we hoped, but we still played some great quality hockey and got the chance to play against a stronger side, playing at a similar standard to the teams we will be playing against at Regionals.

All in all, it was a good day of hockey and we look forward to playing more quality hockey in the Regional competition.”

The U18 Indoor Hockey Team consists of upper sixth formers Finley D, Bertie E, Theo F, Christian P and Ash T, lower sixth formers William B, Harry M and Michael S, as well as Y11 pupils Louis C and Max W.