Clayesmore Theatre Social Trip


Clayesmore Theatre’s Social Secretary, Hetty, writes about a recent visit to the theatre: 

As Clayesmore Theatre’s ‘Social Secretary’, it is my responsibility to organise and arrange various social events and theatre trips throughout the year. It was whilst researching possible trips that I came across ‘Rambert 2’, performing at the Theatre Royal, Bath. It looked so interesting, that I felt we had to arrange a trip! The production, a triple bill, consisted of following (entirely different!) pieces: ‘Grey Matter’, ‘E2 7SD’, ‘Ghosts’, and ‘Killer Pig’.

Rambert’ is one of the most famous dance companies in the world and is renowned for creating really unusual and bizarre pieces of theatre. The evening contained a mixture of styles including ballet and contemporary dance and the different pieces explored various themes such as love, compassion, and violence. Each section of the performance explored a different subject varying from drug-addiction to political oppression in South America. The interesting styles of costume stood out to the audience and gave us plenty to look at on the stage. The costumes were unique to each piece and complemented each style of dance perfectly. Intervals took place after each section which were about 40 minutes each. This was a good opportunity to talk about the performance that had just been shown and discuss what we all thought about it. I think it also gave the (incredibly athletic) dancers a chance to catch their breath!  

As well as group dances there were also duets and solos. Every dancer on the stage was mesmerizing to watch though and it was a real treat getting to see such high quality dance. The feedback from the students who attended was hugely positive and some said that it was the best theatre trip of the year as it was original and alternative to the usual plays we tend to see. I hope we’ll be able to attend even more theatre trips as the academic year progresses. In the meantime, I know Lucy (Yr 11) will be using lots of what she saw in her original dance piece ‘Through Her Eyes’ when it is performed on the 16 and 17 January. Tickets of this production will be available soon via the events section of the Clayesmore website.