Clayesmore Theatre Elections

Clayesmore’s Director of Drama, Mr Tom Wansey, writes: 

‘On Thursday evening the members of Clayesmore Theatre, the school’s Drama company, democratically elected their fourth ever Theatre Committee.

Around 90 pupils, all of whom have been involved in Clayesmore Theatre in one way or another this year, descended on the Peter Burke Theatre to hear pitches from the candidates standing for election. Pupils in Years 10, 11 & 12 were running for the prized roles and every one of them delivered passionate, heartfelt, engaging speeches explaining what they would do if they were chosen to represent the wider Theatre community.

Some spoke about what the Theatre could do to support local charities, others suggested that we run even more social events at various points in the year, or plan even more theatre trips. Many of the candidates commented on how proud they were of the independence and autonomy offered to them within the Theatre, noting that if elected they would aim to take this even further. There were some candidates who were not able to attend the evening for various reasons and so they had prepared short videos which were played to the electorate in lieu of live speeches.

After hearing all of the pitches, over 120 students voted (some present and some remotely from home/the boarding houses) for the candidates whose policies they agreed with most. They did this anonymously and electronically using a Google Form, and the whole process lasted approximately 10 minutes. After voting was closed, the out-going Theatre Committee announced who had been voted in and welcomed the five-strong ‘Theatre Committee Elect’ to the stage.

It was a great evening and it once again demonstrated how strong a community we have within the theatre and how passionate the students are about having ownership of it.’

Clayesmore Theatre Committee 2018-2019

Artistic DirectorJess H – Yr 12

Production ManagerCharlotte M – Yr 11

TreasurerBen H – Yr 11

Head of Publicity Shannon W – Yr 12

Social SecretaryHetty W – Yr 12