The Clayesmore Society and Clayesmore Art Departments are organising a secret sale of artwork on postcards  and we would like to invite you to create an entry for what we anticipate will be an exciting and creative project. 

  • The postcards will be created in A5 format (148 x 210 mm)

  • There is no theme or formula that we would like you to follow, but we would like to see personal and creative submissions.

  • You can create a postcard by using painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, textiles, sculptural techniques or mixed media.

  • The work you submit can be figurative or abstract.

  • The work can be created on any surface, but must be attached to the official printed A5 cards. 

  • Submissions must be signed and dated by the artists on the reverse. please print your full name as well as your signature.

  • The deadline for submissions is Monday 4 June.

The sale will take place following an exhibition at the end of the 2018 Summer Term, and will include submissions by Clayesmore students and staff, as well as the work of established and professional artists. The exciting part of the sale is that all work will be sold anonymously. (The identity of artists will be published after the event).

All the artworks will be sold for the same flat rate of £25. The proceeds of the sale will be split equally between the Clayesmore Bursary Fund, and the Friends of Clayesmore, both of which support the education of current students at the school. 

We do hope you will get involved, it would be fantastic if you or someone you know would be willing to create and donate an entry. To request your official A5 card, please email Louise Smith with your name and address. Thank you very much for your support.