The Friends of Clayesmore exists to bring together the parents of children attending the Senior School to promote its ethos, raise funds and have a jolly good time!

We have had wonderful parental support over many years and hope this will continue.

Our three main objectives are:

  • To promote the fellowship among the parents and pupils of Clayesmore School
  • To assist the interests of the school by organising events to raise funds for facilities and resources in addition to those provided by the school
  • To act as ambassadors and promote the good name of Clayesmore wherever we go

In a nutshell: We are a friendly, informal group organising fun events, in association with the Clayesmore Society, that bring together the Clayesmore community and that provide funds for the “icing on the cake” in terms of items and equipment for our children.

The Committee

The Friends of Clayesmore is run by a committee which meets on a regular basis throughout the year. At these meetings, the committee consider the events of the year, where funds will be allocated and how parents may be brought together socially. We like to try to recruit committee members from each of the school’s houses and year groups.

The Annual General Meeting is open to all and is a wonderful opportunity to get an update on past events and forthcoming projects, as well as to meet other parents in an informal environment. The AGM is well-publicised in advance via the school calendar.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like further information about our activities.

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Recent Projects

Friends of Clayesmore Recent Projects

Where does all the money go?

A list of all the areas and items that the Friends have funded over the years would be lengthy: hardly a department or boarding house has not benefited from Friends’ funds. From TV and audio equipment; sports, diving and camera equipment; donations for overseas tours; new furniture for the Library; to a boost to house funds to add to the comfort of the pupils. In recent years, funds have been given for the backstage refurbishment of the Theatre; a new lathe for the Design and Technology Department; artwork around the School and a contribution towards the long jump and high jump. More recently, we helped fund the purchase of Clayesmore’s fabulous new Shepherd’s Hut!

The Friends are open to suggestions from all departments and sectors of the School and always give each request its fullest consideration. The aim is to ensure that the broadest range of pupils is being served by each donation and that everyone gets a fair chance of receiving assistance.

We all sincerely hope that you will feel able to lend your support to the committee and that, over the course of your time as a Clayesmore parent you will be able to take part in and enjoy many social events and gatherings.