The Clayesmore Society launches ‘Lockdown Emporium’

With retail businesses, eateries and pubs having to close their doors once again, it has never been more important to support local community businesses as they adapt to new ways of trading; offering online ordering, click & collect services and takeaways.  

The Lockdown Emporium brings together businesses that are all affiliated with Clayesmore; either through the Clayesmore Society partnership scheme, those who are suppliers to the school or who are current or former Clayesmore families.  The Clayesmore Society’s very purpose is to draw together all those who have been, and who are, involved with the School and therefore this initiative feels like the perfect way to celebrate and support our friends and local enterprise through these turbulent times. 


As a school, community, enterprise and kindness lie at the heart of our ethos; and there has never been a better time to bring these principles to life and support one another and buy local.  So we would encourage you to tell your friends, and share as widely as you can.

As Boris said recently, ‘Christmas will be different this year’, but we must embrace that change for now and enjoy local businesses’ fayre in new ways.  So, whether you are looking for food and wine to be home-delivered, flowers or fragrance to be sent to a loved one, or you are simply on the hunt for amazing Christmas gift ideas or experiences, then look no further, the Emporium has it all.  

We hope it will be a wonderfully diverse and opulent marketplace as we approach the all-important Christmas shopping weeks; much like the Christmas markets that we have been well known for over the years.  Our hope is that we will be able to recreate our famous Christmas Market for 2021, so please enjoy and support the Lockdown Emporium businesses this year, and fingers crossed we will be able to share a festive mince pie and a shopping spree in person next year!

If you’d like your business featured in the Lockdown Emporium, please contact